The Dream Saga Continues…

If you’ve been following my blog you’re aware of the weird dream issues I’ve been having recently. Last night’s was different. It was like a rerun, but with more detail than the first one and with commentary. It wasn’t lucid either – I felt like an observer, not a participant. Even weirder (though I’m not complaining), I woke up feeling well rested. Anyway, here’s the dream:

I found myself in that stone cell room again. Suddenly I was pushed against the wall with a tight grip around my neck. A female voice demanded, “How did you get in here?!” I answered, “I don’t know, I just appeared here.” Suddenly her other hand became fully engulfed in flames – it was coming out of her hand, not burning it. She pushed in on my neck a little more and demanded, “people don’t just appear in locked rooms.” I thought about the missing person sign I had seen and asked, “Are you Kaitlan?”

She released my neck and stepped back? “Who are you?” I replied, “I’m Charles – I had a dream about you being kidnapped.” She looked at me with a deadpan stare and said, “You scared them.”

Just then the cell door flew open and three people came in shooting dart guns. The girl, Kaitlan, was hit and collapsed to the ground. One of the shooters ran up to me and I could see his face. It was that crazy homeless man I’ve seen at the riverfront. He yelled at me, “You can’t help her because you’re a ghost! The Lord rebuke you!”

Suddenly I was standing in my bedroom, holding my camera. My door was closed so I went to open it and when I did it opened up into that same cell and I watched the whole scenario unfold again, but this time I took pictures of it. Then I woke up.

I really feel like there’s some deeper meaning in all of this, but I’m not entirely sure what it is. Why have I been having dreams about this girl (who is apparently real)? What’s the deal with this crazy, religious homeless man? 

I’m considering calling the missing person line about this Kaitlan girl. But what do I say, that I’m having weird dreams about her?



About Charles Sceales

I'm a guy. I'm 27. I'm engaged. I'm off the meds.
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