Oh, Great!

On top of having dreams about missing persons that I’ve never met it seems I’m sleep walking now.

I sat up in bed wide awake at 4:17 this morning. I went outside hoping to catch a glimpse of the meteor shower. After about 10 minutes I gave up (too much city light) and went back in. There was a pile of clean laundry on my table that I *forgot* about last night (read “willingly chose to ignore”), so I folded it. After that I read a little. By the time 7am rolled around I decided to hit the gym. I went back in my bedroom to get my gym bag and that’s when I noticed someone sleeping in my bed. Yup, it was me. I wasn’t surprised to realize I had been dreaming, but what shocked me was how real it felt. I swore I had really been folding laundry, that the hardwood floor under my feet was really cold… and that I really needed to pee right then. On that note I forced myself awake and got up to visit the john. There’s no way I’d risk peeing in my dream (read “learned from experience”). Anyway, after I got dressed I went into the kitchen and there was a neatly folded pile of laundry on my table.

Great – now I’m a sleepwalker and sleeplaundryfolder. :-/ Did anyone else catch that NPR story on sleepwalking a few days ago? Makes me nervous.


About Charles Sceales

I'm a guy. I'm 27. I'm engaged. I'm off the meds.
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One Response to Oh, Great!

  1. Dan says:

    I have pee dreams a lot. The setting’s always different, but the story’s always the same. I run all over the place seeking a bathroom, and when at last I find one, either there is no toilet, or I become overwhelmed with shyness at the urinal even though no one else is around. Finally, after hours of running about, I give up and piss on a wall or in a floor drain or in front of a crowd. Then I wake up having to pee like ca-razy. Fortunately my dreams are separate enough from reality that my body keeps control even though the character in my dream does not.

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