A Little This and A Little That…

Today has been great. I woke up early after a full night of sleep (no dreams, so I woke up this morning feeling really rested). I made breakfast, finished a book, and then went to Eli’s Camera to pick up a replacement lens (Canon EF-S 50-250 IS). Not the best one in my bag, but I use it a lot. I met with a new potential client today. I can’t say the name, but it’s a well known publication and they’d like to have me travel for shoots. J

Last night I had an interesting experience during my run around downtown. I took a route down to the riverfront and stopped to stretch at the docks near the train station. There was a homeless man sitting on one of the benches just a few yards away. When he saw me he came over and started to ask me for money, but when I turned to face him he got really spooked and then ran off. I know I’m freakishly good looking, but it’s not scary! Crazy meth-head.

FYI – if you haven’t tried Fring for iPhone you really should. My buddy, Steven, and I did a video call with it tonight. Finally mobile video calls are no longer the future. Now if I could just get my phone to stop shutting off by itself. The present needs a little tweaking.

Good night amigos.


About Charles Sceales

I'm a guy. I'm 27. I'm engaged. I'm off the meds.
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