I Did It! Kinda…

It took a hot bath, two glasses of raspberry wine and an ocean wave sound machine, but I finally got some sleep last night. I kept wanting to telling myself to “duplicate” once I fell asleep, but thinking about it so much made sleeping hard. I think it was around 2:30am when I finally went under. Almost instantly I found myself standing in my room, looking down at the sleeping me. I was amazed and got really excited… perhaps too excited. Suddenly I woke up in my bed and spent the next few hours trying to get back asleep. I failed.

I’ve been processing photos since 7am. Time to take a break and go get candy for the trick-or-treaters tomorrow night. Also, I’m going to a party at my friend David’s house. May or may not get around to blogging tomorrow.

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Fall Then Fall Asleep

Yesterday’s shoot with Fall Dance Co. was a lot of fun. Those ladies are extremely talented and really are a pleasure to work with. We shot mostly outside near the Centennial Park. The bright leaves of Fall made for a great backdrop and it was just warm enough that everyone was comfortable. Too bad those nice days are few this time of year.

I got home completely exhausted after nearly 38 hours of being awake. I don’t even remember laying in bed, but that’s where I found myself this morning, still dressed too. I didn’t dream anything last night… I didn’t “duplicate” either. I guess I was too tired to do either. I’m getting anxious about this. It really doesn’t feel real – and if it werent for the photos I took of me and me the other day, I’d have a hard time even believing it. I’m wondering if I can do it again and were the dreams about Kaitlan really real? Too many unanswered questions.

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Time & Not Again

Something amazing has happened to me while I sleep. Yesterday I realized that I, for lack of a better word, “duplicate” into a second body and am able to walk around and interact with the real world while my “normal body” (that sounds weird) sleeps comfortably in bed. Its happened a handful of times now, but until yesterday I thought they were just dreams. Perhaps some of them were, I’m not entirely sure. Anyway, you can probably understand my desperate need to duplicate the experience and try to better understand it.

Unfortunately, my excitement and expectation won out and I managed to lay awake in bed all last night. I haven’t slept in nearly 24 hours now and I won’t get a chance to until tonight. Off to a photo shoot with Fall Dance Co.

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Dreaming Awake

I woke up this morning around 4am with a strange urge to visit the location where Kaitlan was abducted (in my dream). I’m not sure why I felt that need so strongly, but I got up, got dressed and walked to the east end of town. In my dream she was forced into a car under the Main St. bridge and when I got there I found the spot. The air was unusually warm and the ground still wet from the recent rains. There’s wasn’t anything there that I could connect to my dream, but I did find a bar receipt plastered up against the side walk. It was from The Saucer, but there was nothing else legible on it. I walked around the legislative area until sunrise then headed back to my apartment, tired and hungry.

Here’s where things get really crazy. When I got home I found another me sleeping in my bed. This made no sense, I was sure I was awake and I had been awake for roughly 4 hours. I had walked around downtown and even spoken with the doorman at my apartment when I came home. However, unless I have a secret twin roommate it suddenly appeared that I was dreaming again.

I thought about the water incident from yesterday and the things Arnold said at the riverfront. I decided to grab my camera and test the suspicion I had. I snapped a photo of the sleeping me and then grabbed a shot of both of us in the same frame.  I sat the camera back on the dresser, closed my eyes and forced myself to wake up. When I opened my eyes I was in bed, I was the only one there. I quickly jumped up to grab my camera… these were the two most recent photos.

I’m not sure how to explain this – but now I know I’m not losing my mind.

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The Frigid Depth Below

Something happened last night. I had another dream where I was in my apartment and there was another me sleeping in my bed. I’ve been curious about why there’s a dream version of me who is always sleeping and what the dream version of me would be like if I woke it up. So, I went into my bathroom, filled a glass of water and then tossed it on him from across the room. As soon as the water hit the sleeping me I felt it hit my face too and I suddenly sat up in bed, wide awake, with water all over me. Along with that was the sound of glass breaking on my bathroom floor.

How could that be? Did I sleepwalk into the bathroom, fill up water, lay back in bed and recover myself, pour the water on my face and then toss the glass into the bathroom just before waking up? That’s certainly possible… more possible than what I’m starting to suspect at least.

Later today I went to the riverfront to find that homeless man. I waited for an hour by the glass statue. A street preacher came by and we talked, mostly about God and science. He had some interesting ideas about how science and faith are not opposed. He suggested that “the only problems with faith and science are the people who have science, but reject faith and the people who have faith, but reject science. The rest of us can find the real answers to the questions we seek.” right now I’m hoping he’s right, because I do have a lot of questions.

As the preacher was about to head on his way I quickly described the homeless man I was looking for and asked if he’d seen him. He had. Actually, he knew the homeless man, said his name was Arnold Lesting. Lesting was retired military who willingly moved to the streets years ago, didn’t use drugs, held some unique religious ideals and may or may not have some mild mental disorder. The preacher also said Arnold Lesting came to the riverfront every day at 6pm for prayer. It was 5:15 so I walked to nearby pizza shop and got 2 slices. At 6:15 I went back to the riverfront and found Arnold kneeling by a large willow at the east bank. I quietly approached him and got about 15 feet away when he shouted out (with his back still to me), “Why are you here, ghost?!” I stopped and paused for a second. “I assume you’re talking to me,” I responded. “I’m not a ghost – I’m a normal guy just like you. I’d just like to ask you a question.” “Go away!” he shouted. I walked closer. “Arnold Lesting, my name is Charles Sceales. I’m not going to hurt you, but I’m not going away either. I just want to know why you’re scared of me. Did I do something to frighten you?”

He was quiet for a moment then he stood up and turned to me, “So, you know my name. You talk to that preacher?” I replied, “I did.” “Well, I recon you ain’t no ghost. He don’t like’em sorts. Plus, I used that dollar you gave me – most places wont take ghost money.” He laughed at himself. “Arnold,” I said. “Why did you think I was a ghost?”

His eyes focused in on me. “I saw what you done when those men took that girl. I saw you grab that man then you vanished in to thin air. Scared the crap out’em. ‘Bout gave me a heart attack too. How’d you do that boy?” My head started spinning. He was describing a dream I recently had. How could he know about that?

I asked him to describe everything he saw in detail and it was spot on – plus he described parts before and after what I recall from the dream. He was talking about it as if had really happened. Did it? Surely I wasn’t sleep walking downtown too.

I know it sounds crazy, but what if I really was there. And if I was, what about the other dreams. Were they real too? And if so, how is that even possible?

I’m a little freaked out right now.

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The Dream Saga Continues…

If you’ve been following my blog you’re aware of the weird dream issues I’ve been having recently. Last night’s was different. It was like a rerun, but with more detail than the first one and with commentary. It wasn’t lucid either – I felt like an observer, not a participant. Even weirder (though I’m not complaining), I woke up feeling well rested. Anyway, here’s the dream:

I found myself in that stone cell room again. Suddenly I was pushed against the wall with a tight grip around my neck. A female voice demanded, “How did you get in here?!” I answered, “I don’t know, I just appeared here.” Suddenly her other hand became fully engulfed in flames – it was coming out of her hand, not burning it. She pushed in on my neck a little more and demanded, “people don’t just appear in locked rooms.” I thought about the missing person sign I had seen and asked, “Are you Kaitlan?”

She released my neck and stepped back? “Who are you?” I replied, “I’m Charles – I had a dream about you being kidnapped.” She looked at me with a deadpan stare and said, “You scared them.”

Just then the cell door flew open and three people came in shooting dart guns. The girl, Kaitlan, was hit and collapsed to the ground. One of the shooters ran up to me and I could see his face. It was that crazy homeless man I’ve seen at the riverfront. He yelled at me, “You can’t help her because you’re a ghost! The Lord rebuke you!”

Suddenly I was standing in my bedroom, holding my camera. My door was closed so I went to open it and when I did it opened up into that same cell and I watched the whole scenario unfold again, but this time I took pictures of it. Then I woke up.

I really feel like there’s some deeper meaning in all of this, but I’m not entirely sure what it is. Why have I been having dreams about this girl (who is apparently real)? What’s the deal with this crazy, religious homeless man? 

I’m considering calling the missing person line about this Kaitlan girl. But what do I say, that I’m having weird dreams about her?


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Point and Shoot

I wrapped up a shoot for the Lorrie Morgan concert this afternoon. She filled the entire arena. It amazes me how many people are drawn to country music. I’ll post some photos of it later. Right now I’m completely beat. Last night I crashed on my couch and slept so hard – completely dreamless – but I still woke up tired (it’s been a long week). I’ve noticed that on the nights I have lucid dreams I awake the next day mentally exhausted. It feels like I haven’t slept at all.

It’s only 7pm and I’m off to bed. 🙂

Edit: photo added.

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